Friday's Funnies

I posted a funny last week, but Blogger did something weird with it, which led me to delete it altogether. It was a good one, so I'd like to try it again today.

Last Friday morning, the boys were watching a little television, while I cleaned up the kitchen. A Chuck E. Cheese's commercial came on, and it caught every one's attention with its obnoxious noise level. When it ended, Liam said, "Mommy, Chuck E. Jesus!"

For those who read that funny last week, here's another one from Liam. He was watching the school bus driving through our neighborhood the other day, and he said, "Mommy, I go to high school tomorrow." I stifled my laugh and said, "Bubba, I think I would miss you too much. Can you stay home tomorrow? And you can go to preschool next year." He seemed okay with that idea.


KC said...

LOL Love those funnies, they are too cute. Thank you for your help with how to change the date and times on my blog. I had no idea you could do that. Thank you

Heather said...

Your boys are so cute! Thanks for stopping by today. I like #5, too. Thanks!