Conspiracy Theories

We have been couped up in this house since Friday afternoon. The forecasters had a conspiracy going amongst themselves, according to my husband. The conspiracy was to get all of Dallas/Fort Worth residents to believe that we were to be socked in with 2 inches of ice all weekend. They said that it would begin Friday night and continue through Sunday. So all of D/FW rushed to the grocery store to stock up on food, and then we tucked ourselves into our warm huts.

We got up Saturday morning to nothing, nada, zilch. Okay, it might have spit, I mean sprinkled, slightly during the night, but it was nothing to remain couped up for. As soon as we crawled out of bed, we turned on our television to see what the conspirators were saying. They still plotted that ice was on its way, so we remained indoors and tried to remain sane. I mean, we had a great time playing tents, blocks, play dough, etc. It did rain off and on all day, and it was very cold, but we still didn't have ice on our roadways. But we continued to believe the conspiracy. "We better not go out to eat, because we might get stranded at McDonald's with two inches of ice on the road. God forbid, we get stuck at McDonald's!" No, that would not be good for my sanity!

We planned to skip church, still believing the counterplot. Still no ice when we got up Sunday! Again, we glued ourselves to the screen to see what the confederates, I mean forecasters, might add to the lies. "Folks, it's still coming." Okay, okay, we'll stay home all day. We pulled out the toys from the top of the boys' closets. (You know, the toys that you wish your kids would forget about because of the umpteen-million pieces, but they don't forget, so you keep them out of reach for days such as these.) And Rick and I counted down the hours until nap time and then bedtime. Really, we love our children immensely, but these munchkins can only be so fun when they have been couped up for 48 hours.

At 5:00 pm Sunday, I told Rick, "You should go to Blockbuster and get us a movie. There's probably nothing good left on the shelves, but you should go see anyway." He's such a good man, he did just that. He came home with the first four episodes of 24. That's right, we've never seen 24. Gasp! I know, I know. Many of you have been avid fans since season one, and I've heard so many people rave about their beloved show. So, we joined the 24 conspiracy last night. We watched all 4 episodes back to back, and we loved it! We're hooked! I will go get the next set of episodes as soon as I can get out of this house.

The weather conspirators finally got something right. The roads did ice last night. But all roads were clear and nearly dry by lunch. Since we stayed home all weekend, call us gullible.

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Rocks In My Dryer said...

Welcome to the 24 addiction. Prepare yourself for many 2 am bedtimes when you try to squeeze JUST ONE MORE episode in. It's a madness!