The Reason I Blog

One of the reasons I wanted my own blog was to write about the silly things that I witness on a day-to-day basis. Most of those crazy things occur in my own home with my boys. But today's giddy topic was witnessed at Bible study. As I told you last week, the study begins in a large room, where women of all ages meet for worship and a short devotional. I sat myself down in this large room next to mommies approximately my own age. We began talking amongst ourselves, until I let out a giggle and turned to my closest friend to say, "That is the topic for my blog today!" That is pink hair lady.

I have never in my life witnessed an elderly lady with pink hair. Yes, I've seen blue hair on grandmas. And I've seen pink hair on those twenty-something girls that think they're being trendy. But my eyes have never spotted Pink Hair Granny. I tell you, I had to contain the urge to let out a belly laugh!

I am certain that she is a sweetheart, because her body language left me feeling warm and fuzzy. But her hair, oh my word! I wanted to wrap my arms around her, take her to my car, drive her to WalMart (because I'm sure that's where she purchased her pink hair), walk her to the hair dye aisle, and help her choose a better box of Clairol. Then, I would wrap my arms around her again, take her back to my car, drive her to my house, where I would wash her hair and turn her into a much more becoming color of brunette. Really, I think she should let her hair be its beautiful hue of silver, but since she is clearly not okay with being silver-headed, I'll allow her to color her hair brown.

I'd like to think that I would be okay with a head full of silver. But I've already found myself plucking the stray gray that appear every few months. I'm sure that once more gray appears, I'll be coloring over them. But I will not, I repeat, I will not walk on this earth with pink hair. I will not be a Pink Granny or a Pink Panther! Pink is just not my color.

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