The Conspiracy Continues

Earlier, I spoke of the weather forecasters creating a conspiracy over the weekend that caused all of D/FW to remain indoors for the ice storm that never was, or at least, it wasn't the ice storm that everyone needed to bar the door for. Well, the plot thickens! We went to bed Tuesday night with the forecast of cold but dry in our area. South Texas was supposed to be hit with the wintry weather this time around.

6:15 am Wednesday, Rick's radio alarm sounded with something to this effect: "...snow on the roads. Be careful." Huh? Surely not! Surely they didn't feed us with lies twice in one week! Rick got up to look out the window, and sure enough, there was white stuff on the ground and still falling from the sky.

I'm a big kid with snow. I just love it! Living in Texas for our second winter now, I have missed cold weather and the pretty white stuff. Normally, Texas winters are extremely mild. I hardly wore a jacket last winter. But, much to my surprise and delight, we are having a real winter this year!

So, here goes. This is what we did with our snow day yesterday.

Daddy stayed home with us, because Texans do not know how to drive when the temperature falls to at-or-below freezing.

We sledded! For all of you that know what real snow is, don't laugh at us! We've lived in Colorado, so we know that this is merely a "dusting". Like I said, I love snow and I have missed it, so humor me!

And we shaved our heads. Well, I didn't allow my head to be shaved, but the boys got fresh cuts. What better occasion to shave heads than when the temperature dips below freezing!

Stay tuned...the confederates, I mean forecasters, are plotting, I mean predicting, more wintry weather Friday night. Perhaps I'll shave my head.

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