Yesteryear: Where Did My Babies Go?

For this installment of Yesteryear, I decided to pull random photos from August 2005.

Five years ago, Liam was 2 and getting ready to go to preschool. I had just taken him to pick out new tennis shoes, and he was extremely proud of his choice of all white leather. When we got home with his new shoes, he posed in the chair and asked me to take his picture. He was so stinkin' cute!
And so tiny!

Speaking of tiny, Jack and Garrett were 7 and 6 months respectively. Jack had a love for hats at an early age. No one could walk into our house with a hat on their head without J claiming it for himself.
How do you like those wide eyes?

As for Garrett, this is the only picture I found in the August folder in which he wasn't fussing.
That lazy G was proud to be sitting up by himself, and Jack was already crawling. If I remember correctly, Jack loved to crawl right into G and topple his roly poly brother.

A lot happens in five years!


Daddy said...

These pictures bring back very sweet memories. I love my family!

Didi said...

Oh my...where did those days go? We were so busy just caring for those three babies...the days seem like a blur. I want them back!