CO Day 4: July 4 Is Best Spent Under a Blanket

For two years in a row, we have managed to schedule our vacations around July 4th. Because it's hotter than hades here, we enjoy cooler air during that holiday. I would much rather bundle up than strip down. The latter might scare everyone.

We were in Salida this fourth. We heard of a good fireworks show at "S" mountain.
We went early enough to grab a good spot on the San Juan River. Actually, we had the best seat in the city.

Rick grabbed pizzas and drinks for us to enjoy while we waited four hours for the show. FOUR HOURS! I have never been that early to a fireworks show. Actually, I've never been that early to anything in all my life.

But the boys were entertained with "cheers"...
and daredevils such as this:
Apparently, kayakers from all over the world come here to throw themselves into a forward flip. That just sounds plain crazy to me, but it was good entertainment nonetheless.

And by dark, we needed our jackets and blankets. Yippee!!!
Even Winston was cold.
But he was a good sport and didn't run away during the scary fireworks. He's such a mommy's boy that he never left my feet.

I think even Winston would agree that July 4th is better under a blanket.

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Didi said...

Funny dog! I'm surprised he even poked his head out! Or, that he wasn't in your lap!

Fun time for yall!