Spelling THAT Word

For those not familiar with the Word Whammer, one of its main functions is to teach pre-readers how to spell and sound out three-letter words. After the child places the letters together, then he/she can push each letter. If the letters are arranged correctly, then it reads the word and praises child.

Liam has taken a new interest in this toy recently. While playing with it the other day, I would suggest different words for him to try to spell. I would give him a word, such as dog, and he would sound it out and place the letters where he thought they needed to go. Then, he would push each letter to hear the Word Whammer read the word.

One word I gave Liam was God. He sounded it out and placed the letters in the appropriate places. Then, he pushed the letters, and the voice sounded it out as "Guh-ahh-d." And then it stopped.

Liam pushed the letters again. Again, "Guh-ahh-d."

He looked at me and said, "What's wrong with it, Mommy? It won't say God."

I immediately envisioned Leap Frog creators sitting around the conference table discussing this very topic. "Should we include 'God' or 'god'?"

I wonder if even one creator said yes?

Way to go, Leap Frog creators! You managed to deny your Creator with your creation.

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Emy said...

WHAT!?!?!? That is terrible! I can't believe they wouldn't include God. Shame on them!