Hotter than Hot

I don't know about y'all, but we sweltered this weekend. Dadgum, it's hot! If I put one toe outside, I began melting. And I actually had to buy groceries in this hellacious weather! I thought my insides might actually fry while walking across the Kroger parking lot.

I wonder if God is allowing this heat in order to give us a slight glimpse of the fiery pit of hell? I'm more grateful for my salvation today, because I'm guessing that this 112 degrees is nothing compared to hell. My Bible doesn't say that there's A/C in hell.

But I digress.

One of Rick's friends gave us 8 tickets to the National Cutting Horse Association's semifinals in Fort Worth for Saturday afternoon. We gratefully accepted the tickets, because a) they were free, b) we like to expose the boys to new things, and c) it was an indoor activity. Indoors = A/C. Right now, we heart the A/C.

We wrangled up the grandmothers and 1 cousin to tally 8 people. As soon as we stepped into the building, a lovely smell greeted our nasal passages. Mmm, gotta love the smell of horse poop.

Liam and Amelia decided that covering their noses and breathing through their mouths was the best way to handle the smell.
By the time we found our seats, the kids got over the aroma and were ready to take in all the new sights.

Jack preferred sitting on the wall instead of his seat. This provided a better view for his people watching. He found cowboys fascinating.
I'm sad to say that my kids have never really been around horses. We don't have any friends or family with horses, but I hope to remedy that someday. I would love for my kids to be comfortable with these beautiful animals and even learn to ride them.

After an hour of watching this sport called cutting horses, the kids were bored. We tried explaining the sport, but our knowledge doesn't go much farther than, "See that horse? He has to get one cow in the middle of the arena and make him run back and forth."

Don't know much about horse cutting. Don't know much biology....

Sorry. Sometimes I just can't help but break into a song with the insertion of my own words.

We decided to browse the vendor section and found this backdrop for a photo opp of the cousins.
As I waited for Rick to take this pic, a cowboy stepped on my foot. That would be no big deal, if I were wearing boots. But I was wearing flip flops, because a) it's hotter than h-e-double-hockey-sticks and b) I don't own any boots.

Contrary to popular belief, not all Fort Worth residents wear chaps, boots and cowboy hats, nor do we all ride horses around the city. I'm a long-time Fort Worth resident, and I prefer flip flops, baseball caps, and an air conditioned car.

My toes have recovered nicely. Thank you for asking.

We're going to the movie theater tomorrow and a children's museum later in the week. If I run out of air conditioned activities, we may fill the bathtubs and jump in for fun.

I hope you're surviving this heat wave. If you're not suffering in your neck of the woods, I don't want to hear it. I just might have to smack you with my flip flop.


common mom said...

It's been freakishly hot here as well - and many of us Coloradans don't have AC.

But it's a dry heat ;-)

Emy said...

Look like you had some good old stinky fun.

And, since you said I shouldn't tell you about our weather, I won't.