He's Growing Up

Nearly every day, Rick and I look at each other and say, "He's growing up." In spite of me, Liam is indeed becoming a bonafide child. His mannerisms, facial expressions, phrases, sense of humor, interests...everything is pointing to the fact that he is truly a big boy.

As with all growing boys, Liam has been anxiously awaiting his first sleepover. Call me overprotective or whatever, but my kids have only spent the night with their grandparents thus far.

But please give me credit, because I bet I'm one of the only moms to hand a newborn over for a night. Liam stayed with my mom when he was 6 days old (our second day to have him), and Garrett stayed with my mom when he was 3 days old (our first day out of the hospital). But in both instances, my mom and baby were in the next room. I'm not crazy enough to let my newborn go too far. But when my mom asked if I wanted a full night's sleep, I jumped in with both feet.

Anyway, Liam has been asking for a sleepover for quite a while. More than anything, I think he wanted to know when he would be big enough for a sleepover. The time has come, and his best friend asked him over last night.

I was happy to let him go, because I love and trust this family. But I was sad to see my baby take this next step in life. And I missed him terribly!

Because this is my only source of scrapbooking, here are some photos from his big event.

Liam and Cab playing cars. Both 5 years old (currently). Both wear glasses. Both adopted into transracial God-fearing families. What else could you ask for in your BFF?
More play time including little brother Caden (4).
Too cute in their cowboy hats!
Swim time. From left to right: Mr. M, Caden, Cab, Fish, I mean Liam.
So happy together!
Winding down for the night.

Mrs. M told me that Liam had planned to sleep in the top bunk but chickened out at the last minute. He wants to be so brave.
The M family took a trip to the track this morning. I bet I can figure out why...the boys needed to RUN OFF SOME ENERGY! On your marks! Get set!
Liam wanted me to be sure and point out that he is in front. He's a little bit competitive. I have no idea where he learned this. Ahem.

The M family reports that everyone had a good time together and that Liam behaved himself. I'm pleased to know this. We work hard to teach our boys the right way in life, but sending them off in short doses shows us how we're really doing. I think we're passing the parenting test so far.

Should I even post that? Knock on wood? No, I'll take my chance. I know that pride comes before the fall, but I am proud of my boy.


Daddy said...

I love my Nutball!

Emy said...

So sweet! Aren't you glad they shared the pictures with you! I just posted pictures (that I got from the other Mom) from Ben's first sleep-over... And he's seven! I'm cool with that:)