So Happy Together

As our local schools began the 2008 school year yesterday, I am ever so glad that I'm homeschooling Liam. I can't imagine handing him over to someone else 5 days/week.

Although I have a to-do list hanging over my head, I'm glad to be watching him build a "forty-five foot tower" out of blocks and talking to me 90 mph.

The to-do list can wait.

And so can the public schools.

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Dearest Jessica said...

So sweet, that is the same decision we have come to.

I heard a story the story of a local young girl that was homeschooled, her mom suddenly passed away her senior year. She spoke to the graduating class about how thankful she was to have been able to spend everyday with her mom.

Stories like that give me the reason to WHY we do this.

ps. I sent you an email to your blog email..I can't find the personal one. Talk to you soon!