Apparently, He Likes Shrimp

This is the face of accomplishment:
(Darn that glare in his glasses! I have already had a discussion with the eye doctor about contacts, because all the glare impedes my hobbies of photography and blogging. We have priorities. Unfortunately, so does the doctor, so we must wait until he's about 11.)

I took the boys to eat lunch with Daddy, Ni (Rick's mom) and our two nieces today. Garrett ordered a kid's fried shrimp basket at Razzoo's. The kid's basket was filled to the brim with shrimp and fries. And he sat quietly at the end of the table and ate every. single. morsel. He is the only child that sat quietly and ate. every. single. morsel.

He is quite proud of himself, and so am I, because I can count on one hand the number of times this child has cleaned his plate in 3 1/2 years. It was definitely a Kodak moment. And Garrett requested that his Coach be notified. Consider it done, child.

Liam and "Lucy" had to sit next to each other. Naturally. As if there are any other possibilities in the realm of seating arrangements.
Those two have loved each other since the day they met, when Liam was about 14 days old and Lucy was 2 years. Incidentally, her name is not Lucy. She has a beautiful name...Amelia Hope. But when Liam was a toddler, he couldn't say her name and began calling her "Wucy".

JMan had to sit by Daddy, because the Razzoo hosts thought it would be great fun for the kids to sit in rolling chairs. Great fun, indeed. After Jack nearly rolled into the stranger behind him, we thought better of his seating arrangement and relocated him. But he took it well, because he still had his lemonade and his Daddy.
Allyson Grace sat quietly and looked pretty.
How do you like the matching dress, bow and fingernails? I have a lot to learn if I ever get me a girl!

And here's another shot of the proud eater with his Lucy.
Now, I'm off to give Coach a report on today's eating.

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