A Day of Imaginary Play

My mom and I took the boys to Texoma Children's Museum recently for a day of indoor fun. Fort Worth has an excellent children's museum, but it's closed for renovations. You know we must be desperate to drive two hours to Texoma for a museum!

This particular museum had a dinosaur dig, giant pirate ship, wooden train, grocery store, art room, dress up room, among other things.
The pirate ship was a HUGE hit with my boys. Hey, Dad, can you build us one for our game room?

Liam would be willing to give up his bedroom to make room for such a ship.
Jack, please don't become a man overboard!
It took every ounce of Garrett's strength to steer that boat.
Jack moved on to digging up dinosaur bones. He looked something like a cat in a litter box.
But I've never seen a cat come up with such a prize as this.
Garrett joined in on the fun. I couldn't believe he got in there barefoot. I won't joke about a litter box at this time.
He, too, was proud of his find. Future paleontologist?

The wooden train was also a hit. But I've never met a boy who didn't love trains.
Garrett was found at the wheel of the train as well. I'm thinking that he might have some control issues, since he wouldn't allow others to steer the ship or the train. I can't imagine where he would learn such a trait.
Liam took his travel by train very seriously.
Hey, Dad, if the ship is out of the realm of possibilities, could you build us a reading fort such as this? The boys would love it!

I knew the day was a success, when this was the scene after only five minutes on the road.
God bless children's museums! Now, Fort Worth, please hurry up and finish those renovations.

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Angela said...

What a great museum! I live about an hour south of Atlanta, and they have a great children's museum too... that pirate ship would be tops on my son's list though!