Have you noticed that I don't share recipes with you on this here blog? That would be for your benefit.

You're welcome.

Cooking and I don't go hand in hand naturally. I informed Rick of this fact on our first date. He still fell for me. What a sucker!

Our second date consisted of Mr. Wonderful cooking a tasty dinner for moi. I was sold at that point.

Within two months, we were engaged. And our prenuptials stated that Rick would handle the cooking, and I would take care of all cleaning.

No, we don't really have prenuptials. But we did make the cooking and cleaning very clear to one another. He didn't want to starve, and I didn't want to live in a pig sty.

And it worked for 7 years. About two years ago, however, I began feeling convicted that I should really be trying to pull my weight in the kitchen. Why should Rick work away from the home all day and come home to slaving away at the stove?

I began slowly by cooking easy meals, such as spaghetti. Over time, I've expanded my repertoire considerably.

But that doesn't mean that it's been an easy transition. There was a period of time where, I swear, the stove screamed at the horror of seeing me. There were numerous burned meals. Too many to count.

But the stove and I have made amends, and we get along much better now. I am a far cry from being an expert, and that is why I don't share recipes with you. I'm sure most of you are much more experienced in the kitchen, and I wouldn't want to insult your cooking intelligence.

Anyway, I mentioned yesterday that we enjoyed fried fish and homemade vanilla ice cream on the 4th. Yours truly tried her hand at making ice cream for the first time ever! (I did not, however, fry the fish. That would have been classified as overachieving.)

I was very nervous about making ice cream. I told my sister-in-law and brother-in-law that if it didn't turn out correctly, I would run to the store for some Blue Bell. Some of you are probably saying, "Oh, come on, it's so easy." Could you please humor me and pretend to be impressed?

For those looking for an oh-so-yummy homemade vanilla ice cream recipe, here it is. Drum roll please.

Ingredients for a 6 quart ice cream maker:
6 eggs
3 3/4 cup sugar
3 cans evaporated milk
1/2 gallon milk
6 3/4 tsp vanilla
3/4 tsp salt
1 can Eagle brand milk

Beat eggs until foamy. Add sugar gradually. Beat until stiff. Add remaining ingredients and mix extremely well. Pour into ice cream maker and freeze using rock salt and ice according to your ice cream maker's directions. (You didn't expect me to spell it all out for you, did you?)

We added chocolate syrup and sprinkles. The house was silent while 8 adults and 7 children devoured a large heap.

Let me know if you try it!

In case you're wondering, I still handle the cleaning, as well. The day I hand that over to Rick, you can go ahead and commit me to the asylum.

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Christie@tisbutaseason said...

Go you! I love to be in the kitchen! Jamie only cooks if I beg...although he can cook quite well.

I must say that I've never tried to make ice cream but I've thought about it a lot. Guess I should start by making a trip to Target to pick up an ice cream maker, huh? :)