A Big Day

Liam(5) lost his first tooth today. He is so proud of himself, because he pulled it out without any help.
There's not much of a hole there, because his first two permanent teeth came in about 6 weeks ago. Yes, we like to do everything out of order around here.

He's an orthodontist's dream come true. I figure our dentist and orthodontist can go ahead and start building their beach homes.

I'm taking him to the dentist on Monday to have at least one more baby tooth pulled. His two permanent teeth are very big, and the baby teeth are taking too long to come out. His mouth is too crowded at this point, so we'll have to rely on some laughing gas and shots to get us through the next round. Maybe I'll ask for a dose of of the laughing gas, too.

That big space up top will have to be surgically fixed. There's some technical term for it, but I prefer "fixed". He'll get that done in another year or so. And then braces.

Like I said, our dental workers can have dream homes on us.

But Liam is our dream come true, too, so we'll dole out the cash. He's worth it!

Question for you: Where do you put your kids' baby teeth for posterity?


super lotto said...
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common mom said...

Yeah Liam! Liam and Jason have the same affliction - big teeth, small mouth, adult teeth that want to come in before baby teeth are ready to leave :-) Jason had is first two teeth pulled because they wouldn't come out on their own. Now he's lost 8 teeth.

I put his first teeth in his scrapbook ;-) I know - Ick! But I did it. The rest he keeps in a treasure chest in his room. He writes the Tooth Fairy a note to please not take his teeth because he's keeping them . . . maybe to get dentures made with his own teeth when he's older - who knows ;-)

I am SOOOOO dreading the orthodontist . . . we'll be goin' through this with you!