July 25

You know you've been married for 9 years if:
1. The above photo is the only recent pic you have of yourselves.
2. You have umpteen million photos of your kids.
3. You find this only picture cute, in spite of the fact that you're not even pretending to be glamorous.
4. You post this photo, in spite of how much "trouble" you might be in once your husband sees it published on the world wide web.

But here we are being glamorous 9 years ago today:
Wow, what 9 years will do to you!

As I got up this morning, I looked at our wedding picture and thought, "What would I tell that girl?"

I would have to tell her that she would face some twists and turns on the road ahead of her. That life wasn't going to turn out as she imagines so perfectly in her mind in 1999. But to hold on, because that ride is well worth it.

Because that guy you're marrying will love you through thick and thin. And God will use this bumpy ride to make you both better people.

Rick, thank you for the past nine years. I can think of no one else I'd rather face life with. I love you!


Emy said...

Happy Anniversary! Our 9th is in November, 1999 was a great year!

common mom said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Rick!