Growing Boys

I found Garrett laying on the stairs the other day. At 3 1/2 and 38 inches long, he can stretch out comfortably.
Then, I had his brothers join him. Jack is an inch shorter than G, so he enjoyed this pose. Liam's day of fitting comfortably on the stairs are long gone at his 44 inches.
I do track their growth on a wall in our garage, but I thought these photos would be a fun visual for us in the future.

Do you have a fun way of tracking your kids' growth?


Brandi said...

That makes me realize that I haven't done that anywhere in our house! Growing up, we had a wall that we charted on. Now, to pick a wall that I don't mind writing on. . hmmmm. . .maybe in one of the kids' rooms?

Great idea on the stairs. . those big boys will look at that one day and laugh!


Vicki said...

After reading about the idea on the Rocks In My Dryer blog, I bought a 3-inch wide by 6-ft tall piece of lumber & tacked it on a wall in the garage. We have moved 3 times in our 3-yr marriage & we have no plans right now to leave the house we're in.

But now that we have a little one, I didn't want to risk losing that precious info of height marking!! So, the width gives me enough room to add a few more kids' info if the Lord blesses us with additional little ones & it's portable. :)