How I Know I'm the Only Female in the House, Part I

  • Bodily functions are followed by belly laughs from 4 of us.

  • The aforementioned happens numerous times every day.

  • And it's even funnier at the dinner table.

  • All 3 toilets need daily cleaning.

  • When I say, "It's time to change clothes," four of the five of us strip in the middle of the play room.

  • When walking through a dark room, I will stumble over trains or Legos. Never a Barbie.

  • Most underwear in the laundry basket have Shrek, Thomas or baseballs printed on them.
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    Jess said...

    very cute! Baby dolls can get old too! I think it's time you get some barbies!

    I love that they all stip in the play room, very funny!