A Monumental Day

Liam and I had our first day of school today. Yes, I know it's July. But because it's typically too hot to be outdoors past 9 am, I've decided to make our school year take place from July through March. In theory, this will allow us to enjoy our nice spring weather without having to rush to the school table. Since Liam is the only official student this year, I figure that I might as well try this calendar now before I have three boys to teach. Anyway, today was our first day of school.

And it went very well. I'm blessed with a boy that loves to learn.

As we sat down to our school table, I told him that today was a really important day, yadda yadda. As I gave him a brief overview of what would take place during the next few minutes, his smile grew with each sentence. When I paused, he leaned over and kissed me on the lips! I can tell you right here, right now, that made my day, my week, my month, my year! That right there is why I am homeschooling.

Because I know that my sweet and loving little boy would do that to any teacher, so it might as well be me!


Jodie said...

Good for you guys! That is one of the huge benefits of homeschooling - your own schedule. Our neighbors, who have 7 home-schooled children, have been in Texas for the past month in their travel trailer . . . homeschooling from the beach. Why not?!? How great to have that freedom. I have to believe you certainly learn a lot more by experiencing it than just reading about it in a book.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! For now, we have decided that our son will start school in the fall. I am so torn about it. This post just makes me want to keep him home even more!

Amberly said...

What a precious moment! Hope the year goes well and don't you just love getting to set your own school year?

oh amanda said...

how sweet!