Look, Mom, I Won Something!

I am interrupting what should be a Friday Funny for a very important announcement...I'm a winner!!!

"I never win anything, ever!" We all hear people say it all the time, don't we? For me, it's 100% true! I cannot, for the life of me, remember winning anything in all of my life. Until today!

Boomama has been raving about Monk & Neagle's new CD titled "The Twenty-First Time" due out in September. Their record label had sent her a prereleased copy to review, and because she gave such a fantastic review, they wanted her to help them give away 100 prereleased copies.

Boomama let us all know that we could sign in at noon on Thursday in order to become one of the first 100. Well, I just couldn't pass me up this opportunity, oh no! At 12 noon, I clicked here and won myself one of those highly-acclaimed CDs. And I did a little dance right there in front of my laptop.

I feel like a celebrity having won an Emmy. I am stoked! And then I ask myself, "Self, why do I feel like a celebrity over this win?!" Oh, that's right, because most of my life centers around three preschoolers.


Jodie said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations! Lemme know how the CD is after you get it.

ohamanda said...

Yay! I got one, too! We can compare notes!