Happy 4th, Y'all

It looks like I will be spending my 4th of July indoors due to yet another rainy day and a sick boy.

We have had rain every day for at least a month. I have been quite patient with it, because we are normally paying high water bills at this time of year in order to keep the yard from being kindle. But my patience is wearing thin. As I write, the dark clouds are looming and waiting to dump another inch on us.

And Garrett has been running a fever since Thursday. I took him to the doctor today, and she said that it will last another 24-28 hours. Okey, dokey. We'll keep pumping him with Motrin and fluids.

So y'all carry on with your 4th of July plans and don't worry about me. Carry on. Carry on.

But, first, thrill me a comment that tells me of your fabulous Independence Day plans! I'll pretend that I'm joining you and having a wonderful time.

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Jodie said...

We enjoyed the Sky Sox game last night to watch the fireworks after . . . the game took FOR-EVER! It was a long game - 15-7 was the score - and there was a 30 minute weather delay for lightning. But, the fireworks were worth it! Home at midnight . . . going to ride our bikes in the Monument 4th of July Parade for J and K's school this morning - off to decorate the bikes! I'll be thinking of you - sick kids are tough no matter what day it is. I always feel so bad for them :-(