Happy Sesquicentennial

Today is my 150th post, which in the blogging world isn't a big deal, I realize.

When I signed into Blogger a few minutes ago, I had planned on posting a different topic for today, until I saw that Friday's post was #149, which would make today #150. I realize that is by far the most brilliant statement I have typed thus far on this blog. 149 +1 = 150. Who knew that my Math minor would pay off so greatly?! Ahem.

But when I realized that this would be 150, I just had to write about sesquicentennial. 150 is one of those numbers that stands out in my mind, and every time I see or hear a remark with the number 150, my mind immediately takes me to the year 1986. 1986 was Texas' sesquicentennial.

For those of you who are like me and abhor history, don't worry. I will not turn this into a history lesson. I would rather solve 100 algebraic equations than sit through one history lesson. Thus, you will never read an historical post here. But I also won't bore you with an algebra lesson.

The year 1986 was a big to-do in Texas. There were celebrations that included fireworks, not necessarily related to July 4th or New Year's Eve. Every public school room taught an extra special unit on state history. I also remember that there were newly printed T-shirts, bumper stickers, ball caps, pins, and license plates made to celebrate the big 1-5-0. Oh, yes, every new car had a special license plate to commemorate our history. Don't believe me?

We do everything big in Texas, y'all.

Including our hair, and 1986 was a pivotal year of big hair. My bangs, oh my word, yes, I had big bangs. I don't have any childhood photos of myself at my house (gasp!), but even if I did, I'm not sure that I would share with the world of bloggers. Just picture an eleven year-old with teeth in need of braces, hair in need of taming, and freckles in need of make-up.

What about your home state? Do you remember any such big event? Or, do you dare share a photo of you in 1986?


Jodie said...

I don't remember any such big events in MN. We're pretty laid back folk. But let me tell you, during the summer, you can't drive 10 miles in any direction without running in to a "days" celebration . . . corn cob days, hay days, potato days, and on and on and on. That's the history I remember . . . and as far as that photo of big hair goes . . . in MN, we had wings. You know what I'm talking about. The permed hair on top of your head was shaped like a bell and the sides were hairsprayed and blown out to look like you could take flight across the Atlantic with a good wind! No, I do not have any of those photos digitized, yet.

Ahhhh - good times!

Margaret said...

I clearly remember the sesquicentinnial (or however you spell that) here in Texas. I was 12 and it was such a big to-do. I think I might have even had Texas History that year (the math that I am doing in my head puts me around that range).

Only in Texas.... and I love it!

Amberly said...

Don't have anything relating to that to share other than I am with you on preferring algebra over history. ANY DAY!