The Last Breakfast

If you feel the earth shake at 7:15 tomorrow morning, do not be alarmed. It will not be an earthquake or any other natural disaster in your area. It will be Garrett receiving his first bowl of "big boy cereal".

He is nearly 2 1/2, and he still eats Gerber oatmeal made with prune juice. Go ahead and take a moment to gag and clear your throat. I know it sounds disgusting. And I'm sure it tastes disgusting, but I wouldn't know first-hand. I just know that my little guy loves it. It's the first thing he asks for every morning.

I'm sure I don't win any mother of the year awards for allowing my two year-old to still eat baby food for breakast. But please give me some points, as he does eat "big people food" for all other meals.

The reason I've let breakfast drag on for so long is two fold. One, we both have strong wills, and two strong wills butting heads first thing in the morning is just not my idea of a pleasant way to begin the day. Two, he's been slow to gain weight for most of his life, and giving him baby cereal has always been the one meal that I knew he would eat and eat well.

But it ends tomorrow. I poured the last bit of Gerber this morning, and I refuse to buy anymore. I am planning to praise and reward (read bribe) him with each and every bite of "apple cereal" (Quaker's apple cinnamon oatmeal, which his brothers love) tomorrow. But I still dread this. I will be ready to bang my head on the table by 7:21. I imagine there will be tears and then whaling and then gnashing of teeth. And some kicking mixed in there, so do not be alarmed by the earth shaking.

Say a bedtime prayer for us tonight. We'll need it.

Here's a photo of the Last Breakfast. The last breakfast where Garrett will smile and giggle.

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Christine said...

Hi Ami! Good luck with the transition...those can be hard.

And I finally got to the meme you tagged me with. Sorry it took me so long!