Game Day

As I got my boys up last Monday morning, there was a lot of extra excited chatter. In fact, when I got to Garrett's bed, he pumped his fist in the air and yelled, "YES! YES! YES!" The day they've all been waiting for had finally come. It was their first game day for the year.

I snapped a picture before we left for the field. Their faces say it all.
Jack and Garrett are not playing for the jersey-less team. Their jerseys and hats weren't passed out until just minutes before the game.

Liam is #14 for the Dirtbags this year. He was recruited by this coach during last year's All Star tournament.
He was 4 for 4 for the first game.
He's a solid player.

And my hubby is pitching for the Dirtbags.
No, he didn't break his arm while pitching. He's wearing a splint for a sprained thumb from being Mr. Fix-it at home the week before.

I had to leave Liam's game early in order to get Jack and Garrett to their game. I hated to leave my big boy's game, but Daddy gave me a good summary of the 12-2 win later that evening.

In the meantime, the little boys donned their Detroit Tigers' jerseys and hats and were ready to roll.

Jackson was first baseman at the beginning of the game, and this photo cracks me up.
Jack thought the first baseman's job was to look the runners over from head to toe at least twice. "Jack! Jack, watch the game! Where's the ball?!" He tuned back into the game until there was a new runner at first base.

When he was at bat, he had solid hits, but he forgot to run.
That's Jack watching the players gather around the ball he just hit into center field.

And then, there's Garrett, who wants to be called "GB" in baseball.
Wherever the coach put him, he took his position extremely serious. His eyes were on the ball, and he was baseball ready at every moment. He also had solid hits.
I love this picture:
#2 is GB leaving first and heading to second, where Jack is in the silver helmet. Jack sort of forgot to run again. GB got to second and told Jack to go. Jack didn't move. This went on for maybe 30 seconds before GB pushed his brother and ran ahead of him. Jack followed him home.

Ohhh, Jackson, you are a mess! A cute mess, that is.
We're hoping he's ready to run for this week's game.

After the games, I had my parents take a family picture. I figure I might as well have family photos where we'll be spending the next 17 years of our lives. As much as we all love it, maybe we should buy property and build our own field.
I love my little men.
As I promised last year, I will try not to post about baseball and only baseball, even though some people in this house live and breathe the sport.


Bee Jay said...

Cute 'live' pics show how much your boys enjoyed themselves. Go guys!

Amy Dawn said...

Love seeing the pictures of your boys and baseball! I have lots of found memories of watching baseball games when I was little and really hope one of my girls will want to play one day! Or maybe it is a reason for bringing another baby in our family ;)