Pump It Up

Garrett asked to help me with dinner the other night. I agreed, even though there wasn't much he could actually do to help with that particular meal. He seemed happy just to stand beside me and talk my ear off.

Incidentally, how did I end up with THREE talkative kids? I am not chatty by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, Rick will often say, "You're being too quiet. Talk to me." Conversation doesn't come naturally to me. But all four of the men in my life can talk it up BIG time.

As I sauteed chicken and listened to my youngest chatter away, I also heard him opening and closing kitchen drawers. About a minute later, I heard him say, "Mommy, does my ear look bigger?"

"What do you mean," I asked.

"Look at me," he said.

And when I turned to look at him, he had one of these in his ear.
Yes, he had a baster in his ear and was "pumping it up".

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Bee Jay said...

Oh you've sure got 'character' kids. Never a dull moment is there? bless them!- and you