The Only Worker

As we were finishing lunch yesterday, the dryer buzzed for the 24th time to tell me that the clothes were dry and ready for my attention. I looked at Winston, the Boston Terrier, and said, "Winston, can you take care of that laundry for me?"

I got the response I expected. Winston tapped his toes on my lap and begged for lunch scraps. He's really helpful.

Jack and Garrett laughed hysterically.

Jack: Winston can't help you!
Garrett: Yea, he's a dog!
Me: Oh? Dogs can't help?
J&G: NO!!! [more laughter]
M: Oh man, that stinks.
G: Dogs don't do work. They're just dogs.
J: You're the only worker around here, Mommy.
M: Oh, you noticed?
J&G: Yep.

They're observant.

But never fear...the older the boys get, the less work I will do.