A Heart for Orphans

Christian Alliance for Orphans recently contacted me and asked if I would be willing to become part of their Bloggers for Orphans ministry. They are a non-profit organization which works tirelessly to bring attention and help to orphans both locally and worldwide.

I am happy to highlight their upcoming Summit VI. Whether your heart strings have been pulled by the staggering number of Haitian orphans recently or if you have always had a soft spot for orphans in your own city, Summit VI will be a great opportunity to gain great wisdom for how to actually help orphans worldwide.

Two of the speakers for this summit are spiritual leaders that I have admired for years. John Piper and Al Mohler will no doubt encourage and equip attendees with knowledge, skills, and encouragement to go out and do something to help the orphan population.

If you are in the Minneapolis area or are able to travel April 29-30 for Summit VI, I encourage you to register and make plans to attend today!

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Amy Dawn said...

Your mom just shared your blog address on facebook so I have been reading through your Adoption Stories of your 3 boys. I am crying tears of joy and sorrow for your waiting game to be a mommy. I love how God makes the BEST familes oh his terms and I am so glad to know your boys stories. Thanks for sharing!