A Weekend to Remember

Here's where I spent my weekend:
South Congress in Austin.

My mom, an amazing woman, offered to keep our boys so that we could get away for a weekend. We kissed her feet as we threw our luggage in the car and got the heck outta here.

We had a fabulous time of walking, eating, laughing, walking, eating, listening to live music, sleeping, walking, eating, laughing, sleeping, walking, eating, listening to live music,....

We managed to take nearly 100 pictures, and not one of them is of the two of us together. What does that say about us?

Besides eating, Rick was interested in an old-fashioned hair cut.
We also walked through our state capitol and talked about how we wish our Lone Star State would secede again.
Take a look at the Senators' desks that are original to the capitol. If you look closely, you'll see wiring for their laptops.
And while the Senators work next August, I think I discovered my next calling in life when my babies go to school next year.
My neighborhood really needs a cupcake stand, and I'm willing to stand up to the calling of meeting my neighbors' needs.

Did I mention that we ate while we were in Austin? No? Well, we ate. In fact, we ate enough to last us at least 7 days, and two of those delicious meals were from Guero's Taco Bar. Yum.
I won't even show you a picture of Sunday morning's breakfast at South Congress Cafe. A picture would leave you drooling, but let me just tell you that their Carrot Cake French Toast is to die for.

Yes, we went to Austin to eat. No, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

But we also went to people watch.
There are interesting people to watch in Austin.
This man:
He lassoed my husband. Interesting. Rick gave him the nervous laugh after removing the lasso from himself.

And I won't even mention the crazy man that nearly scared me into cardiac arrest.

Besides that near fatal moment, we enjoyed our kid-free weekend. Thank you, Didi! We all think you're the best!

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Debbie B said...

We love Austin. It's been far to long since we've been ourselves.
Glad you were able to get away.