Baseball x 3 = Craziness

That's right, it's baseball season, and all 3 boys are playing this year. Oh me, oh my.

Week 1 wore me out. So far, the boys have had practices on the same days, at the same times, at different locations. It's a good thing I like baseball.

Thankfully, Jack and Garrett are on the same team this year, so 2 parents are physically able to get 3 boys to 2 different locations. Thank goodness my husband works for a boss who sees family as a top priority, and Rick is home by 5:15 every evening.

I want to enjoy this season of baseball, as well as this season of our lives, because I know I will miss this phase down the road. But some days are just so hard to see past the haze.

When I posted that pic of the boys with their gloves, I was a done bun. It was past the boys' bedtime after Thursday night's practices, but I wanted a picture of them all coordinating in their practice tees and pants. And I'm glad I took that extra minute to capture that moment in time, because even now, I can smile at how happy they were/are. This is life with three boys. And I'm so grateful that it's my life.

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