Rick's Eyes

I've really been wanting to share this story since its occurrence, but I was told, "No, you will not blog about this! Absolutely not!"

But after the entire extended family has made fun of him, he's realized that it is indeed a blog-worthy story. Permission was granted yesterday.

A little background is necessary. Liam (4 1/2) was diagnosed with amblyopia in his left eye back in May. A simple vision screening at his 4 year checkup let us know that he could see nada with his left eye. We were shocked, as he showed zero signs of vision problems for the first four years of his life. An emergency appointment with an eye specialist discovered this eye condition, which is essentially a lazy eye. The poor child was nearly blind in his left eye, and we had no idea!

He was immediately put in glasses and began patch therapy. He had to wear the patch on his stronger eye for 3 hours every day in an effort to force the weaker eye into use. After about six months, he had improved enough that we could switch him from patch therapy to drop therapy.

Instead of wearing the eye patch, we dilate his stronger eye twice a week. One drop leaves his eye dilated 3-4 days, and with two drops, his eye is always dilated. He does not enjoy the eye drop, but when he's reminded of patch therapy as the only other option, he submits.

This past Wednesday evening, I snuck out of the house for a few minutes to pick something up from my mom's house. As I was leaving, I reminded Rick that Liam needed his eye drop.

When I came home 30 minutes later, the boys were in bed and Rick was playing the guitar. I sat down beside him. This is the conversation that took place:
Rick: I gave Liam his eye drop.

Me: Good. Thanks.

R: Yea, Liam complained that the drop stings, so I put one in my eye to show him that it doesn't sting. But it actually does sting a little bit.

M: You did what?!

R: Yea, I dilated one eye to show Liam that it's no big deal. And then I dilated the other eye, so that I would feel more balanced.

M: You what?! Rick, your pupils are HUGE!

R: I'll be fine in the morning.

Me: Um, no, those drops last 3-4 DAYS!

R: Oh no. I'm in trouble. [Glancing at the computer] I can't focus on the screen at all.

M: I guess you'll be staying home tomorrow. [Laughing hysterically] This is so bloggable!

R: No, it's not! You will not blog about this!

HaHaHa! It is so bloggable!

What makes it even more bloggable is that his eyes are STILL dilated five days later! Rick stayed home on Thursday. When he returned to work on Friday, he wore sunglasses on his face all day. That would not be too odd if he had an outdoor job. But he's an auditor, people. He sits at the computer all. day. long. There he sat at his desk with his tie and dress shirt and sunglasses!

Throughout the weekend, we would look at each other and laugh. He's come full circle from not finding it humorous on Wednesday to being able to laugh at himself this weekend.

He meant well by it. He wanted to be the supportive dad. But he's turned himself into the laughing stock of March 2008.


Mr. Fuzzy Vision said...

[because I've heard from my mother in law that this blog entry is a good one]Once I'm able to read it clearly, I'm sure I'll be laughing, too.

Margaret said...

Ummm...I am so trying not to laugh... this is a completely priceless story.

Vicki R. said...

Both hubs & I got a nice laugh out of this post - what a great dad!!

Rebecca/sis said...

my stomach is hurting from laughing..

common mom said...

OMG! I'm sorry Rick, but I'm LMAO here! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It IS funny and it IS bloggable ;-)

Christie@tisbutaseason said...

love it! my uncle had a similarly embarrassing event when my cousin was about a year old. Remember those toys that had the large suction cup on the bottom so it would stick to the high chair tray? Well, my uncle thought it would be fun to stick it to his forehead so my cousin could play with the toy while uncle laid on the floor.

He went to work with a giant hickey on his forehead for about a week! ;-)