Easter Photos

Rick said that I used the wrong term to describe my photo problem with Blogger.  He said I'm trying to "upload" instead of "download", as I described it yesterday.  Please forgive me, all you techie people.  You say tomato, I say tomato.

I may not know the correct terminology, but I do know when Blogger isn't functioning properly.  It's taken me 3 days to post the pictures below, as I can only seem to upload one photo every hour or so.  I cannot seem to download a photo of Jack at all.  Jack, if you're reading this someday in the future, don't hate me because I couldn't post a photo of you in your Easter outfit.  I tried, son, I really did!

Easter morning was a rough time around here.  Most Sunday mornings are rough, while trying to get everyone fed and dressed and out the door on time.  But this Easter Sunday was worse for whatever reason.  

I had dreams of some beautiful photos of the boys together in their coordinating outfits.  You know, everyone looking really cute, with laughter all around.  Reality is hard, isn't it?  

We didn't get any group pictures.  But we got a single shot of each boy.  

Another piece of reality that ruined my photo shoot was the weather.  Of course, it was warm and sunny the two days before Easter, but that morning was cold and cloudy.  Thus, the boys could not wear the oh-so-cute shorts that I bought to match their shirts.  And they had to wear jackets to cover their bare arms.  Oh well, life did go on.

Here is Garrett.  I don't know what that grin is all about, but when I see it, I laugh.  And notice how he's pulled his pants up to reveal his "Easter shoes".  Those $6 white tennies from Wal Mart...we're fancy!
Liam thought a should shrug would be cute.  I'll take it.  How do you like his pink shirt?!  I love it.
Jack wore the same white shoes, khaki pants, and an argyle shirt in blue.  I have to put those details in here.  It makes me feel a little better.

After church, we went to my parents' house for lunch.  Big Daddy and G posed for a shot of their matching shirts.

After lunch, the boys gathered around my mom to browse through a photo album.  I love how much my boys love our parents.  We are blessed by loving and supportive parents.
I'll post a picture of Jack once Blogger decides to cooperate.  Maybe it will be in the next couple years...before Jack begins reading.

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Christie@tisbutaseason said...

The boys are so cute!

It was a drag to have the cloudy/cool weather...Saucy had to wear a sweater over her bare arms (sleeveless dress) & Veggie...well, he's far too cool to deviate from his scheduled outfit! :)

Happy Easter!