No More Sippy Cups

A life-altering event took place in our home today. All sippy cups have officially left the kitchen. I trashed four sippy cups that have seen much better days, and I packed away the remaining four.

All 5 of us are drinking from big-people cups. Some of us are only allowed plastic cups. I typically let Rick have glass.

As I was shuffling sippy cups to their new homes this morning, this is the conversation that took place.

Me: I think we're all grown up now and don't need sippy cups anymore. I'll put the nicer ones away for our next baby.

Jack and Garrett (3): Okay! We big boys now!

Liam (4 1/2): We need another baby.

Me: I know. Tell God that you want a baby.

Liam: We're going to have TEN babies. Some twins too. Boys and girls.

Me: Oh! Ten?!

Ten babies would provide some good blogging, I suppose. If I lived through it.

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