It Snowed!

We got a little more than ten flurries yesterday! Four inches of fluffy, wet snowflakes fell from the sky yesterday afternoon. It's more snow than we've seen since living in Colorado three years ago.

Here are the obligatory pictures:

Liam was awake during the heaviest part of the snowfall. He loved playing in it!

When Jack's nap ended, he ran straight to the window to check it out. He was ready to hit the outdoors, but I managed to put a little more clothing on him first.

Our Bradford pear trees bloomed last week. The flowers collected the snow beautifully! (Ignore the house and cars in the background. They're not ours.)

Rick came home early and helped the kids build a snowman. Look at Jack on the far left. All he wanted to do was kick the snow, so kick he did.
The boys and their neighbor friend posed for a picture with the finished snowman. Or is it a snowthing? Then, we headed indoors for homemade pizza and a movie.

The first thing the boys wanted to do this morning was to head back outside to play in the snow. We sidetracked them with waffles. During breakfast, Liam said, "We need to move back to Colorado." Rick and I agreed that it would be fun, but I reminded the boys that they might miss their grandparents. To which Liam replied, "But Ben and JJ are there." (My brother and sister-in-law, the fun uncle and aunt, do live in CO.)

Don't worry, Mom. We're not moving.
The boys are ready to play. "Mommy, hurry!", urged Garrett.

Liam would have stayed outside all day, if only he had boots to keep his feet dry. We're definitely Texans now that we no longer keep snow gear in the house.

Jack wasn't as interested in the snow today. He did more people watching than playing, which is the norm for him.

Much to my surprise, Garrett loved the cold, wet stuff.
Every snowfall must be accompanied by snow angels.

Lessons learned this week:
1. If you want more snow, just complain and wait 3 days.

2. If you need more blogging time, complain about that on Monday and be amazed as you find more blogging time nearly every day that week.

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