He's Three

Garrett's birthday went very well. We had a fun family day, and the weather topped it off with sunshine and warmth.

The day began when I walked upstairs to greet the birthday boy with the Happy Birthday song. He grinned from ear to ear and asked for it "again and again!" I obliged with one more rendition and then distracted him with his favorite breakfast of waffles and chocolate milk.

Following breakfast, Garrett and Daddy headed to the Home Depot for Kids' Workshop. If you have kids and haven't participated in this free event, you're missing out! It's a free event where parents and kids are given a kit to assemble in the store. This was Garrett's first time to attend, and he was thrilled to use the hammer, as you can see!
Hammering and gum chewing...he's a multi-tasker! The problem I see with this photo is that he's learning to use a hammer with his right hand, when he's actually a leftie. I imagine some damage could be done when a 3 yeard-old is given a hammer, but especially if the hammer is placed in the right hand of a left-handed 3 year-old. There will need to be some reteaching done, I do believe.

Anyway, he completed his project without any hammered thumbs. And the finished project is a football stool in honor of the Super Bowl. Now, I may be biased, but I believe that he is the cutest man in front of Home Depot that I ever did see.

After the HD, Daddy and son came home to get the rest of the family. Garrett had requested cheeseburgers for his big day, so we headed to Billy Miner's in Fort Worth. Good ol' greasy burgers and fries...yum!
Garrett, how old are you?

Because it was such a beautiful day, we decided to top off lunch with a mini train ride.

My parents were able to join us as well.

The day was rounded out with homemade pizzas and brownies for dinner. As you can see, we fill our birthdays with the finest of nutrition.
At the break of dawn this morning, Garrett asked me if he's now four. No, thankfully, life does not go by quite that quickly.

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common mom said...

What a sweetheart! I just love his smile :-) And I LOVE the HD kids' workshops . . . with their cute orange aprons and the pins and the fun with the hammering and gluing.

Happy Birthday G!