Lunchtime Conversation

While setting the table, Liam (4 1/2) asked, "When I'm a daddy, can I call you 'Ami"?"

Me: No, I'll always be your mom.

L: Oh! Well, why does Daddy call you 'Mommy'?

M: Well, that is a bit confusing. Sometimes he calls me 'Mommy', but he can call me 'Ami' because he's my husband.

L: Who am I going to marry?

M: I don't know, but we should pray about who that lady will be.

As if I didn't hold enough weight on my heart yesterday, now I have to think about my little boy getting married. Mercy me!

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Christie@tisbutaseason said...

Do you remember the Wayne Watson song, Watercolor Ponies? I always think of that song when I contemplate and pray for the special ones my little people will marry.