What Not to Wear

Liam disappeared for a longer-than-usual time this morning. Because he's a very social boy, if I haven't heard his voice in more than a few minutes, then I have reason to wonder if he's breathing.

I called for him from the bottom of the stairs, because my Diet Coke had not yet reached my brain and walking up the stairs was out of the realm of possibilities.

"Liam," I called. "What are you doing, baby? Are you okay?"


He appeared at the top of the stairs in this:

Yes, that is an orange/white button-up shirt with black soccer shorts and black dress socks. And very ashy legs in need of lotion.

I'm relieved to know that he knew to put on dress socks with a nice shirt. And the socks match the shorts. But more importantly, he buttoned the shirt himself.

I let him wear this outfit. For 30 minutes. In the house.

Then I nicely explained that I love his choice in clothing but it might be a bit too early in the year to wear this combination.

And we might be seen by a few people today. I didn't actually say that part out loud.

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