This Little Piggy Went to Market

Big Daddy (my dad) picked Jack up on Saturday for a few hours of one-on-one time. I knew that the plan was to shop for Didi (my mom) and to eat lunch.

When Jack came home, he was carrying this:

This pig's nose lights up and makes a wicked snorting sound.

(Incidentally, I did not take the time to take a picture of this little piggy. I merely typed "pig + key chain" in my Yahoo search engine, and it was #3 out of thousands of such hits. Thousands! People, really, there are better hobbies in this world besides that of collecting pig key chains.)

But I digress.

Jack carried this pig around all weekend. The only time he put it down was to use the restroom, and that is because I have this rule of no toys allowed in the bathroom. I may be a mean mama, but I really don't want to fish for toys out of a murky toilet. Shutter.

When he dropped the piggy to go potty, someone else picked it up. This poor pig is mighty tired after all the oinks and lights required of him by three little boys. I wish he would hitch a ride to market or someone's home. Any takers?

On our way home from church yesterday, Rick and I began asking Jack where he and Big Daddy shopped. He said, "Wal Mart and Cabela's." Okay, that doesn't help me. Those two stores allow a shopper to buy a sundry of appliances, electronics, ugly clothing, fishing gear, pig key chains, etc. We pushed him a little further, and he finally agreed to tell us what my mom will be getting for Christmas..."a blue boat in a white box."

That really doesn't help me. A gravy boat? Dad, please tell me you were a little more creative than that. A ski boat? That would be a great family gift, but I'm certain my dad wasn't shopping for anything that large this year.

I pushed Jack a little further at breakfast this morning. And he really cleared it up with this: "It's a secwet."

I'll push a little further, Mom, to see if we can clear this up. In the meantime, don't be surprised if you find a little pig key chain in your stocking.

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Common Mom said...

I love it when kids keep secrets! My favorite was when Keira was begging Noisy Grandma to tell her what she got for her on our vacation to Florida. Noisy Grandma said it was a surprise and she couldn't tell Keira what she was getting. Keira innocently said "But I'll keep it a secret! I won't tell anyone!" HA!