Happy New Year!

Recently, Jack began acting like a 3 year-old. What makes him "act" like a 3 year-old? The WHY question that comes from his mouth at least nineteen times every day!

"Why is it not Christmas anymore? Why are the Christmas lights gone? Why is Daddy at work today? Why do I need to brush my teeth? Why is your hair brown, Mommy? Why, why, why?"

Questions like that exude from his mouth nearly every waking moment these days.

One night last week, he had worn Daddy and I out with his questioning, so instead of answering him, we remained silent after he rattled off three or four more questions. As the silence made him nervous, he laughed and said, "I ask a lot of 'whys'."

Yes, you certainly do, Double J!

And as I look over the year 2007, I feel blessed that I have not felt the need to ask God too many 'whys'. Perhaps we all ask him 'why' every once in a while, especially when life seems particularly difficult.

But 2007 was pretty uneventful for us, and for that I am grateful. No major illnesses or injuries. No major scares. Rick's job has been strong and steady, and so has our marriage. Our boys have grown and developed as they should.

I hope that we can all go into 2008 with hopes of a year filled with love and laughter. But life will throw us some curves. I pray that I can face my life with the grace that my boys need to see coming from their mama. I pray that your new year is happy. But when it's not, trust in the Lord.

"Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you." Psalm 9:10

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