Injured Reserves

Did you watch the Cowboys beat the Packers last night? The Cowboys are now 11-1, woo hoo!

Honestly, I'm a fair-weather fan with the Cowboys. If they're winning, I'm proud. If they're not, then who cares?

As I watched Brett Favre get sidelined with an injury last night, I thought of an incident in my home earlier in the week.

I noticed that Jackson had been in the bathroom a little longer than necessary to take care of his business, so I snuck up on him to find him admiring his elbow in the mirror. Upon his elbow is a week-old scab received after taking a nasty spill at the park.
Incidentally, he had no problem holding this pose while I ran for the camera.

Then, he wanted to show the camera an up-close and personal view. Is that face pitiful or what?

After I took the pictures, I said, "Okay, wash your hands, and join us in the living room for book time." To which he replied, "No, I can't read books with my 'nelbow'. It hurts."

I guess he and Brett can watch life from the sidelines while they heal.

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