The Wonder Years

Do you ever have a moment with your kids that takes you back to their younger years? Like a deja vu?

Liam and I took a break from school one afternoon last week to enjoy the mild weather. We played a game of one-on-one soccer. As I was chasing him around our yard, he let out a giggle that took me right back to his toddler days.

Although he's only four, his laugh has matured since he was a toddler. The 4 year-old laugh still holds all the joy and delight that it should, but his toddler laugh was too cute. It was a squeal as much as anything.

As he let out a squealy giggle during our soccer game, I had a flashback of the time he discovered the horn in Rick's car at the age of 15 months. Each time he honked the horn, he squealed out of pure delight and grinned from ear to ear.

Although I look forward to Liam's future, I do miss his younger days. I guess that's the point of motherhood.

At the end of our game, we plopped down on the porch and hugged. It was a Kodak moment, but I didn't interrupt the lovin' to fetch the camera.

Liam quickly brought me back to the present with this question: "Mommy, will you cry when I turn 5?"

Yes, I imagine I will.

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Margaret said...

but the joy that will come at 5 will make those tears worth it. :)