Today Is A New Day

I spared you all the details yesterday, but it was a really, really, really bad day. The wise man losing his head was only a minor detail.

But today is a new day, and my spirits are as bright as the sun is shining.

Although I love cold weather, and I miss Colorado winters, there are days like today that I enjoy a balmy Texas winter day. The boys and I took their bikes out for a spin around our neighborhood pool parking lot. They love to go to this empty parking lot and drive as fast as they can. (I sit at the only entrance/exit, so don't worry that they might be in danger.)
Garrett: "Mommy, I pedal like a big boy!" Yes, Baby Boy, you are.

Liam: "I am fast!" Indeed.
Jack, what is that grin?!
Please excuse the boogers under his nose, but I had to share this photo of Jack. If you look into his lenses, you might see that he is playing with my hair. If there's one thing I love more than a back rub, it's a man playing with my hair. Well, not any man, but you know what I mean.
After our bike ride, we returned to put Jack and Garrett to bed. Liam gets to stay up an hour longer than the little boys. This allows us time for school and whatever else we can dream up to fill that hour.
After today's school work, I needed to make Candy Bar Fudge. (Yes, I am skipping over the details of this delectable dessert. If I stop to tell you about it, I may never return to this blog. Because the more I think about that yummy dessert now sitting in my refrigerator, the more my mouth waters, and it calls my name. So I must. keep. going.)
Liam loves to help me in the kitchen, so he pulled up his stool and pitched in with stirring and tasting. As we worked, this conversation took place.
Liam: Where is Jesus?
Me: He's in my heart.
Liam: I want to go see him in heaven.
Me: Well, why don't you wait for God to decide when that will happen. Let's enjoy life here on earth for now.
Liam: Do you want to go to heaven?
Me: Someday I would like to go to heaven, but I want to enjoy my life with you and your brothers and daddy for now.
Liam: Will you drive your car to heaven so you can come back home?
Whew! Theology 101 for a 4 year-old.
I needed a bite or two of Candy Bar Fudge after that discussion!
As I cleaned up the kitchen, Liam took the camera and snapped some photos.
I was his first subject. I'm pretty impressed with his ability to center my face in the photo.
I'm also really glad that I styled my hair for y'all this morning.
But I will not share the photo he took of my rear end while washing dishes. Thanks, but I'd rather not have my derriere broadcast for all the world to see. Or all ten of you that have stuck around to read this.
Um, Liam's photography skills need some work.
He decided to chase our dog with the camera.
Smile, Winston!
Wait, Winston, come back!
Still working on Photography 101.
How do you like our chords?
In the meantime, I've called Liam's name one time or ten, so he decided to return to the kitchen. And he thought a shot of my Crocs would be good for all to view.

Aren't you glad you stuck around for the tiny details of our happy day? Hope your day has been just as lovely!


Common Mom said...

I love it! There's nothing better than a fun day with the kiddos . . . just a regular old day :-) And I like to keep up with what you're doing . . . the one thought that kept going through my mind was HOW GROWN UP Garrett looks! Oh my! He's gonna be a heartbreaker :-)

Margaret said...

His photo skills are very interpretative and I love it.

Winston doesn't seem to like being followed by his paparazzi though.