An Eye-Opener

When Liam is excited about something, he often lavishes his love on me. It's not at all uncommon for him to stop an exciting activity to kiss me and say "I do love you." He's a very affectionate boy at all times, and I'm quite blessed by it.

As we were working on his handwriting curriculum today, he stopped to give me some love. He then said, "I like this book. Where did you buy it?" I'm sure he was thinking I'd say it came from Wal Mart, Target or Kroger, the only stores in his four year-old mind. In trying to keep my answer simple, I said, "I bought it on the computer."

He looked at me with shock and utter amazement. "You buyed that on the computer?!"

But really, that wasn't the simple answer. Because that statement took something from me. The innocence of my four year-old child was lost to the wisdom of the wide world web in that very instant. There was a literal transformation that took place. He went from a child who thought everything comes from super stores to a young man who understands that anything can be bought by the click of the computer.

I may be in trouble. I will be sure to not inform him of those nasty things called "credit cards".

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