Potty Issues *UPDATED*

Can I just tell you how wonderful it is to have three potty-trained boys? Every day I thank God that I am no longer changing diapers!

I still have to wipe rear ends and check for hand washing, but all of that is like a vacation compared to changing diapers for "twins".

I only have one complaint in this area...I wish that one of our bathrooms had a ur*nal. If I am ever able to design my own house, I will seriously design the boys a bathroom with a ur*nal and all tile floors and walls.

If you have a boy, then you understand.

*UPDATED* My brother left this comment: floor drain. problem solved.

First of all, hi Ben! I didn't know that my brother read my blog. Anyway, yes the bathroom that I will design will certainly have a floor drain and a hose, so that I can teach them to hose it all down daily.

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ben said...

floor drain.
problem solved.