Nothing to Complain About

I'm finding myself a bit grumpy, and I can't quite put my finger on it...oh wait, could it be because it's 80 degrees on November 12, only 10 days away from Thanksgiving?! Yep, that could definitely be it! Really, if I wanted it to be in the 80s for the holiday season, I could move to Florida.

But I realize that I have very little to be complaining about. I do have a house with air conditioning after all.

And I have my freedom, thanks to the veterans of this free country I call home.

Happy Veteran's Day!


Margaret said...

Amen to your post.

And its soupposed to be 90 or soemthing here tomorrow.

Jessica said...

it's been consistently in the 70's here and last year it had already dumped on us a couple times! BAH to those that think global warming is a myth. hope you cool off soon but at least you are diaper free! congrats on your final accomplishment with garrett!

Jen Mall said...

This is where you and I differ!! I have said "I love November in Texas" almost daily!!!