Giving Thanks Part II

As I got out of bed this morning, my thoughts turned to my blog, as they usually do. I knew immediately what I wanted to give thanks for today.

God's sovereignty...although I don't fully understand it, I am glad He is.

God's sovereignty led me to break off my first engagement and to wait for the "right one", who ultimately was Rick.

His sovereignty caused me to be infertile and to wait for my boys. He knew that becoming a mother was what I desired, but He also knew that there would be children in this world that would need me.

Without those four men in my life, I would not be who I am today. God knew that my life would be better with each one of them.

"[S]ome...may say 'I hear all of the promises, but I don't see any glory.' That's because there's a valley between them which might last a week, a month, a decade, a lifetime. But God's plan is being unfolded, nonetheless, for glory always follows suffering. Always." (Jon Courson's A Day's Journey)

To God be the glory.

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