WFMW: Baby Monitors

Shannon is changing things up with Works for Me Wednesday this week. Instead of sharing ideas, she's asked that participants post questions to be answered by others. And I need help on the topic of baby monitors, so I'm in!

The boys' bedrooms are upstairs, and ours is downstairs. If they are sick or upset during the night, I don't always hear them. I do have a baby monitor in Jack and Garrett's room, but the problem is that I haven't found a monitor to put in Liam's room that doesn't interfere and cause horrible static between the two monitors. I could hear other babies down the street better than I could hear my boys the last time I tried a monitor in each bedroom! Who really wants to wake up at 2am to the cry of a baby not in your care?!

Jack and Garrett's monitor is made by Safety 1st. The monitor I tried in Liam's room was Fisher Price. I am not certain if the interference was caused by the two particular brands that I had or not. I'd rather not go buy additional monitors without some experienced opinions from anyone out there.

Any suggestions out there? Hit me with your best shot!


I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Hey, I have a Liam too! Our youngest and his nickname is Jack. I bought a monitor when I was pregnant with my first. Never used it. Bought another with the 4th. Stayed in the box. It may be the configuration of our house but I was always in ear shot and even if they did cry for a bit, I chalked it up to them learning patience (Am I a bad mom?)
But that doesn't really answer your question and I know monitors are necessary for some situations.

Mommy Bee said...

We love our monitor, the Graco Digital iMonitor. I was having a hard time hearing my daughter through the static of our old monitor, since her bedroom and our bedroom are on opposite sides of our house. This monitor has been wonderful from day one. We have a one-story, so I can't say how well it would work in a two-story, though.
My cousin has two children and uses the MobiCam Ultra Wireless Color Video Monitor/Camera from One Step Ahead. She loves it. I've got my eye on that one whenever we have Baby #2.
Hope this helps!

Vicki R. said...

I just went online to BabiesRUs & found this one. It's a bit pricy, but it sounds like it would do the trick, & it got pretty good reviews, as well - maybe you could sell the 2 you have on Craigs List or Ebay or something & have at least a little extra $$ towards the new monitor?

Safety 1st 900MHZ Home Link Monitor

There was another one on there but it didn't get good reviews:

Graco iMonitor Multi-Child Digital Monitor

Hope this helps!

Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

There are monitors with 2 or 3 handsets and 1 receiver. Maybe you could find one of those?