The New Parenting Era

I entered a new era in parenting on Friday. For 4 1/2 years, I have had to make sure that diapers and wipes were on my person every time I left the house. But on Friday, I was able to pull diapers out of my bag.

I won't ask for applause, if you'll just join me with a sigh of relief...thank you.

Although Jack and Garrett are only 26 days apart, I decided several months ago to tackle their potty training separately. One of the boys is more compliant, and the other is, um, well, he's more stubborn. I won't name names, but I tackled the more compliant child's potty training first.

Jack (2 1/2) began potty training in July, and he's been doing very well since the end of September. Garrett announced Thursday afternoon that he wanted to use the potty and to wear underwear. And when Garrett announces that he's ready to do something, he means business! I gave him some underwear right then, and he's only had two accidents since.

Both boys still wear diapers to bed, so we're not completely finished with buying Pampers, Huggies or whatever cheap brand I find. But Rick and I are already counting ourselves a raise by the significant decrease!

And I am one happy mama!

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Jodie said...

YEAH TO YOU GUYS! I'm so happy for you. Wow, am I a mother or what - so happy that someone else is out of diapers :-) Really, though - I can tell you the first time I walked out of the house without diapers - December 19th 2004 - and I haven't looked back since. Bed time . . . who cares! Just think - they go potty every hour or so during the day, then we expect them to be dry for 8-11 hours at night? HA! Not happening. My poor dude is such a sound sleeper that he needed pull-ups at night until his 5th year - even with limited water after dinner and the mandatory potty stop right before bed time :-( You made it - way to go! And give the boys a high five and Way To Go from J and K :-)