The Cup Runneth Over Chronicles

As of last week, I was ready to give up and throw in the towel on Jack's potty training. We've been at this whole potty thing for 2 1/2 months now, and he can't seem to get past 1-2 accidents every day. Now, I realize that there are far worse things going on in the world, but when I feel like I'm stuck in the trenches, y'all would be better off just agreeing with me. So, go ahead and repeat after me, "Yes, Ami, one to two accidents every day is awful!" Thank you. I feel better already.

But it seems as if we've turned the corner, as Jack has been dry since Friday! I repeat. Jack has been dry since Friday!

On Saturday afternoon, he was going potty, and I went to check in on him, because leaving him for any length of time in a room where there is water, a toilet, toilet paper, soap, a stool, and a light switch is a mere disaster waiting to happen. I also decided to use this potty visit to praise him for being dry all day, and he was quite proud of himself.

Suddenly, he spotted the boo-boo on my forehead. (This is where I should show you a photo of my boo-boo, but I don't want to you to think that I take photos of my injuries in order to chronicle them. I don't, just in case you're wondering.) He asked what happened, and I explained that I burned my head with my flat iron...again.

I'm a real whiz with the flat iron. If you've ever wanted to learn the skill of straightening your bangs, just ask me. But I digress.

After I told Jack about burning my forehead, he said, "Poow Mommy."

Which cracked me up! I'm sure that "Poow Mommy" isn't that funny to you, but it is to me, and this blog is supposed to serve as a journal for my family.

I tell you this story because I have been doing a lot of thinking about this blog lately. There are days when I just want to pull the plug and quit blogging. Those are usually the days when I'm too worried about my readers. Worried if they're having a good time, worried if they'll want to visit daily, constantly trying to please them.

When I first began this blog, I intended it to be my family's journal, and I feel as if I've lost sight of that goal over the past several weeks. I want to earnestly attempt to return to my original blogging intention to chronicle my family's life, and I hope that you'll find it amusing, entertaining, and perhaps even challenging. But even if you don't, I want to carry on in my job of creating memories for my family. And I need this blog to be my memory, because mine left me the day I became a mother.


Christie@tisbutaseason said...

Well said! Started my blog and I, too, worry about the readers! So crazy.

Your blog *should* be the journey of that which is your life. That's what makes it good reading (or viewing). How else could we justify the large quantities of time spent online? It's our *journal*!

Blessings and Peace!

(BTW, we are on Homeschool Day #1!!)

Jodie said...

Readers schmeaders . . . we come here because we want to know what's going on with you and the fam - at least that's why I'M coming here daily :-) And I thank you for continuing to write it!

As for the potty training - don't you just think that Jack was testing you - without you or him even knowing it. Kids are crazy that way - just like dogs, they are a great judge of people's character - they just know. They also seem to know when mommy is just about ready to jump off the deep end and they start/stop doing whatever it is that's driving you crazy :-) YEAH for you and Jack!

Margaret said...

I am a total stranger who reads every day and LOVES your stories....

Amberly said...

Good for you! I too have thought a lot lately about my purpose for blogging. I began mine as a journal too, but soon I got carried away with visiting everyone who commented on it and trying to attract new readers, which was not my intention when I started. I realized I was spending way too much time on the computer. So as of late, I have started reading the blogs of people I know in real life and as well as just a few blogs that I've found that I really get something out of. And I don't always comment. But I still enjoy your blog and I love your honesty! Thanks!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

It's good to think about things every now and then. I found that even when I kept a personal journal (I still do) I was thinking about who might read it (my kids, when I'm long gone?). Arggh!! I think you've struck a very nice balance here, and when you are genuine, it really doesn't matter what you write about. People will want to read. (Thanks for sharing about the Poow Mommy).