Notes on the Sate Fair

My parents and I took the boys to the Texas State Fair on Friday. I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "Everything is big in Texas." And, yes, it is very true. Our state fair is a good example of that fact. We were at the fair for about seven hours and did not manage to see everything!

This is the boys as we entered the gates. Garrett (2 1/2) wore that goofy face most of the day, and he had a grand ol' time. Liam (4) and Jack (2 1/2) managed to have a good time, but they had to start the day off with frowns due to the lack of afternoon nap. Note to self: Take the boys to the fair earlier in the day next year.
The boys enjoyed the kiddie rides. Their Big Daddy allowed them 2-3 rides each, before the mommy put her foot down and said, "No more!" Note to self: Teach the boys to save quarters in their piggy banks for next year's fair. Good grief, those rides are a rip off!

Liam has been wanting to ride bumper cars for months, so he was one happy boy when we found such a ride for his size. Jack could not be happy for his big brother's cruise in the bumper car. It's so hard to be the little brother!Garrett said, "When I be big enough to ride bumper cars?"

But we found a canoe ride that all three could ride together, and all was right in the world again.

When I decided that Big Daddy had blown enough money on cheap rides, we found a puppet show that the boys thoroughly enjoyed. And so did we. Free admission and air conditioning! Note to self: Next year, skip the rides and see more shows.

We also took the boys into the children's barnyard, ate junk food (not in the barnyard), checked out the auto show, and did a lot of people watching. In the end, our legs and wallets were sore, so we headed home with hopes of returning next year.


Christie@tisbutaseason said...

The fair holds lots of good childhood memories for me. Good family fun! That said, we've only gone to the fair as a family once since The Coach and I have had kids. I know, we're sorry parents. As an adult, the whole idea of the fair is a whippin'.

I may be eating my words since the kids have been beggin to go this year. We may take an impromptu visit this week (since it ends Sun)!

Another homeschooling mom told me that they go on Senior Citizen day and pack a lunch...not such a bad idea!

Jodie said...

I LOVE the state fair! The MN state fair is one of the best and biggest. We used to go every year with my cousins . . . we'd head up so we were there when the gates opened and we had the run of the fair for the entire day. The only requirement was that we all had to be back to the exact same gate we entered 5 minutes before it closed so we could head home. I will never forget those times. I mean really, who can forget machinery hill, the haunted house that scared the crap out of me, the Zipper ride, and any food you can think of on a stick?

Margaret said...

last year was my first time ever at the texas state fair.

I loved the barnyard. I stood in awe of the baby kangaroos in their mama's pouch.

I am jealous of y'all! I don't think we will make it back this year.