Liam's First Football Game

Liam (4) attended his first Aggie football game this weekend.

Here he and I are before the game began. I know this was before the game, because a) the sun is shining and b) so are our faces.
I know it's too dark to see our faces. But I have to use this photo, as it is the only photo of moi. And I'm sure you need proof that I was truly there.

Here he is in Daddy's arms. Liam is screaming so loud he had to cover his own ears.

And here he's convinced Daddy to hold him up on his back.

But look closely at the others around them. Do you see anyone whoopin' it up, cheering the Aggies on? No, there are long faces, arms crossed. That is because we, the fans, are disgusted with the game. Coach Fran continues to call the same old, predictable plays. The same plays that have proven to fail us time and time again. We lost this game 19-11 to KU.

But I can still thank Coach Fran, because this loss seals the deal. Bye bye, Fran. Don't let the door hit you on your way out next month.

Liam, we'll take you to another game some day, but let's wait til you can witness a winning game.

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Jodie said...

He looks so happy! How fun to take the dude to his first game with you :-) He must have had a blast!