Cheers to Vicki R. that left me a well-researched answer to yesterday's WFMW post on baby monitors! I am truly grateful to you, Vicki, for your time to find a link for me to research! And I am currently bidding at Ebay for the exact product you mentioned! Vicki, I can't contact you directly, given that your email and blog are hidden, but I do thank you and hope that you see this!!!

I am mulling over a meaningful post idea, but I am short on time today. Stay tuned....

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Vicki R. said...

Sorry :< I don't have a blog, only created the account so I could leave comments :> I kept forgetting to click that lovely checkbox in my profile!

Glad you were able to find something that worked - we have a 2-story home as well, only 1 child at the moment, but I've always wondered what the heck I would do with more than than 1 I know!

You & your hubby are an inspiration :)